Carter Boehm’s Family History

Early Family History: When a Boehm met a woman

With a rich family history behind him, Carter Boehm’s parents and family life were highly influential to his coming of age as a young man, and in his development as a real estate entrepreneur later on in his life. Carter’s father,  Edward “Ed”  Boehm served in the US military during World War II. While stationed in Italy, he was Carter Boehm Imageinjured and found himself in a small town outside of Florence where he sought recovery. The nurse who cared for Edward let him recover at her family home and it was there that he met Pia, the nurse’s daughter. It was love at first sight. Edward was discharged in 1945 and forced to return home to the States –  that moment would be one of the most difficult times in his life. However, he made a promise to her and soon after she came to America. The two settled in Livingston, Montana and built a drive in theater named Twilight, opening the business in 1950.

The couple loved their business, and would also travel as a family  in a bus turned recreational vehicle (RV), around South and Central America often. Ed Boehm worked as a cinematographer, and Carter worked as his assistant, helping his father as he shot wildlife footage for media publishers like Disney and Life Magazine. His father  lived a truly remarkable life, which inspired Carter Boehm to do the same. Edward Boehm partnered with the Montana Department of Highways, now Montana State parks, to spearhead the charge in saving the Greycliff Prairie dog when it’s colony was threatened by the construction of an interstate highway. Today, a 98-acre facility is operated by the Parks Division of Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks to preserve the Greycliff Prairie dog.


Edward Boehm is also credited with being in charge of psychological operations in Italy during World War II. His job was to oversee the collection of propaganda leaflets, as they were sent in artillery shells to German troops. His collection of pamphlets, leaflets and other World War II propaganda related items is notable one of the best collections in the world, even outranking the National Archive collection. His book Behind Enemy Lines: WWII Allied/Axis Propaganda is regarded as one of the best resources for World War II scholars and readers.


Carter’s father’s experience in the army, success as a business owner and the global experiences he gained travelling the world with his family helped shape his perception of the world, people and how to do business. Ed Boehm was not only a father figure, but also a mentor for Carter. Carter attributes his fearlessness and sense of adventure to his father’s guidance. Later on in his life Carter will also meet Chuck Diarco and Arthur Walters who would become his mentors in the real estate investment business. They would also become people he counted on like family. Today, Carter Boehm also mentors young real estate professionals, training them with the tools they need to be successful real estate investors.

Volunteer Activities : Honor Flight Program

As a former veteran and the son of a World War II veteran, Carter is passionate about honoring veteran legacy and  dedicates his time to the Honor Flight program, a non-profit program dedicated to providing war veterans with closure and honor. The program flies war veterans to the World War II memorial site in Washington D.C. giving them the chance to see and reflect at the war memorial. Carter Boehm fully credits his experience in the military as one of the most educative experiences in his life. It strengthened his ability to be disciplined, focused and to persevere, all of which are traits of remarkable entrepreneurs in the world today.

The Boehm family history is rich and filled with achievement in the world of cinema, publishing, environmental conservation and travel. As a successful real estate entrepreneur, Carter Boehm continues to hold his family values as important, and is grateful for the experiences he has gained through family. These experiences have helped him contribute greatly to his family legacy.

Outside of his family’s veteran ties, Carter Boehm is a successful business man in both real estate and film. Just a few years ago Carter founded Ponderosa Films in honor of his father. In only a few years’ time, Carter has been able to turn Ponderosa Films into a major up-and-coming studio. His studio has already produced the film Broken Ghost in 2017 and has two other projects in the works. More specifically, Ponderosa Films is working on filming Robert the Bruce, an epic that chronicles the tale of Robert the Bruce of Scotland. Although the company is still small, Carter hopes that he can use his network and innate business development skills and turn Ponderosa Films into a major player in Hollywood.