How to Support Our Veterans This Holiday Season

Our veterans give so much to this country and the world, and the holiday season is a wonderful opportunity to show your appreciation in a concrete and meaningful way for all of the service that veterans have provided.

Warm Wishes for the Winter Holidays

Adopt-a-Veteran:┬áThere are programs, such as through your local Elk’s Lodge, that are created to aid those veterans who are isolated and/or vulnerable. Check with your nearest VA hospital, community living center, assisted care, retirement home, or homeless and transitional shelters. For a personal touch consider making a handcraft or food item and bringing it to a hero at a convalescence center or military hospital. They often have lists of items that are in need and would be appreciated to help you find the right gift.

Holidays for Heroes: This program is run by your local Red Cross office, and they help to coordinate a variety of activities that support, honor, and recognize members of the military and the veterans who reside in our communities.

Wreaths Across America: The organization establishes and conducts wreath-laying ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery, across the country, and abroad.

The Vet’s Charity Christmas Ride: Starts in Columbia, S.Carolina, this is a ride that visits a VA Hospital and shares gifts, cards, baked goods, hope, and companionship. They’ve been riding with a cause since 2000.

Ways to Help Year Round

Matching Donations: Ask if your company makes Corporate Matching Gifts so that your employer has the option of matching your donation.

Planned Giving: Show your support through Wills, Trusts, Charitable Gift Annuities.

Fundraiser: Be a hero for heroes and organize a fundraiser. Get together with the community, religious groups, social or work friends, or your online community and raise funds and spirits for an excellent cause.

Volunteer: There are many excellent organizations that will allow you to put your talents and attention where your heart is, and the help is greatly needed and appreciated.

Donate: Money is always a fine asset, but there are many other ways of showing your support and giving what you can. Some other ideas for donation include Hotel/Airline points or Credit Card points or miles. You can also donate clothing, furniture, toys, and electronics. Or consider the joy you can bring to someone by donating entertainment tickets.

For more ideas on how to help, please check out: