MDW Signal Support Unit

The origins of the U.S. Armed force Military District of Washington (MDW) trace back to 1921, and it is said that it also existed in Union Army headquarters during the Civil War.

In World War II, MDW was given with new obligations regarding the air, ground and maritime resistance of the capital and the recently assembled Pentagon.

The  Army air support, court martial, cemetery operations, signal activities, UCMJ obligations, installation administration and an assortment of possibility missions and other managerial capacities made MDW a standout amongst the most helpful minimal Major Commands in the Army.

What does this have to do with the Boehm family history?

Carter Boehm Family History

 Photos by Alan H. Cooper and Terry A. Moon


The bottom middle photograph shows Specialist Boehm making “last minute checks of the tape recorders”.


The MDW Signal Support Unit was once an important an integral part of military history and I am glad to have been apart of it!