The Honor Flight Program: Replenishing History and Service

Today in the United States, many people are still not aware about the existence of the honor flight program. The Honor Flight program is a non-profit organization that champions, and is dedicated to providing veterans with honor and closure. The program transports our war heroes to the Vietnam war memorial in Washington D.C, giving them a chance to reflect on one of the most important times in the history of our great country. It also provides a top priority to senior veterans, world war II survivors and veterans who are terminally ill and thus unable to fly.


World War II was a very important time in American history. It challenged the lens in which we viewed America and it’s people.  Organizations like the honor flight are necessary, not only to replenish the American consciousness in its association with veterans, but also to remind us about the challenges of service not solely for the country, but the people who have chosen to make their country a top priority in their lives. Honoring American war veterans teaches us to honor service and to continue to lift the citizens amongst us, who gave their time and lives to serve this country. According to The National World War II Museum, many of our war veterans are now in their 90’s and due to aging and sickness, every three minutes one of them dies, taking away their memories of service with them. A little known fact is that 16 million Americans served this nation in World War II, and this makes programs like the honor flight very necessary to remind us of their continued service.


The Honor Flight program reminds us that there are still veterans living amongst us. Though aged, they carry with them the knowledge and experience of America at a different time of her narrative. This chart outlines  some short statistics about World War II veterans know:
Carter Boehm explores stats from the National Veterna musemCarter Boehm explores from the Veteran national museum

Volunteering with the Honor flight program is highly important to me, and I am thankful for the opportunity to be involved as a veteran, the son of a world war 2 veteran, and one who cares about service to this country. It has been well worth it to hear from older veterans who are willing to share their stories and experiences.


I will be following up with more posts on the lives of veterans, my family history and the honor flight program. To learn more about the lives of world war II veterans and the honor flight program, click here and here.