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Carter Boehm Veterans Over the Holidays

How to Support Our Veterans This Holiday Season

Our veterans give so much to this country and the world, and the holiday season is a wonderful opportunity to show your appreciation in a concrete and meaningful way for all of the service that veterans have provided. Warm Wishes for the Winter Holidays Adopt-a-Veteran: There are programs, such as through your local Elk’s Lodge, that are created to aid those… Read more →

Carter Boehm Video Games and World War II

Video Games and World War II

One of the most popular video game franchises on the planet, Call of Duty, is releasing its latest entry in just under two weeks. The franchise, which originally started as a WWII first-person shooter, has taken many forms throughout its 14-year history. It has focused on WWII, Vietnam, modern warfare and even futuristic warfare. But now, the series will return… Read more →

Carter Boehm What is the Honor Flight Network?

What is the Honor Flight Network?

As a proud American and son of a World War II veteran, I am incredibly honored and indebted to all of the sacrifices that our soldiers have made for this great country. In honor of my father and all of this country’s brave veterans, I proudly volunteer for the Honor Flight Network. For those of you who are unfamiliar with… Read more →